The magic water – Alkaline Water

I am pretty sure a number of us paid attention during chemistry lessons when we were taught about alkaline and acids. Consequently, it is quite a familiar word to many. I will get to the basics of life. There is no substance that plays a vital role in our bodies like water, not just any water but healthy water. There is all this buzz about alkaline water and somehow to a huge extent, many do not comprehend much about it.

So, what is this magic water everyone is talking about?

In a nutshell,  with the simple chemistry cooking in my brain, I would put it as water rich in alkalizing compounds unlike most tap water that tend to be acidic. I can confidently define it as safe water.

Why should you have it in your home?

Obviously, most water sources in our modern day universe are polluted. The upshot is, people have become confused about what water is healthy water or what are the best water filters to use. Something disheartening is that people have now opted to beverages instead of drinking water, which poses an enormous question. What happens to healthy living?

Alkaline water has a higher PH level than drinking water. For this reason, we the enthusiasts of alkaline water advocate it for its outstanding ability to neutralize acid in the body. If I put this in a chemistry context, normal water has a PH of 7 whereas alkaline water falls between a PH of 8 or 9.

This water naturally occurs when it passes over rocks which results to it picking up minerals that increase the alkaline content. I don’t necessarily mean you have to go the springs and fetch water. Not really.

What could be more convenient than having affordable alkaline water in your home? There are so many brilliant ways of making alkaline water including baking soda, lemon and water filters that add nourishing minerals and restore alkalinity to your water.

Alkaline water to maintain the alkaline balance of the body. Magic water is able to prevent the development of diabetes. Use of alkaline water to cure diseases.

The good news is there are copious, cheap alkaline water filters for you.

Now that you are aware of the various options available for you at home, I can tell you there is really no ‘perfect’ method. People are different and therefore different methods work for different people.

Additionally, if you would love the convenience of taking the magic of alkaline everywhere, a portable water filter is just what you need.

Does it benefit our health?

My answer? Yes and a double YES! Our bodies’ natural PH level is 7.36. Furthermore, the body puts it’s A game to ensure this is maintained. It is very unfortunate that many of our intakes nowadays are filled with lots of acid and toxins hence the many illnesses and diseases that attack us mercilessly. The catch with alkaline water is that it contributes in curing many diseases, this is according to the several studies done.

It neutralize and maintain natural PH level of alkaline to 7.36 or more. Removes acids and toxins, helps to avoid illnesses and diseases like cancer. Helps to nourish the entire body and provide healthy water and neutralize acidity. Outstanding ability to neutralize acid in the body.

An imperative thing to note is that the PH level impacts our glands, tissues, organs, and organ systems, which is practically our entire body.

What if I tell you can lose that weight you have been struggling with by simply taking a bottle of alkaline water. Isn’t that thrilling? With lots of acid in the body the outcome is it creating more fats to help it neutralize acidity. Folks, worry no more, alkaline water is now your superhero. Help lose weight by simply taking a bottle of alkaline water.

In addition, alkaline water is able to boost your immune system because of its increadible ability to free radicals and clearing toxins. The bonus is that it is long term.

Cancer is a creeping nightmare today. It causes so much emotional and physical pain, but again, alkaline water comes to the rescue. Allow me to become a little bit of a doctor. What most people don’t know is that cancer cells don’t live in environments with neutral PH but thrive in acidic environments. Therefore, it is vital to drink plenty of alkaline water to maintain the alkaline balance of the body.

Other studies have shown that this magic water is able to prevent the development of diabetes. Back to the doctoring, what happens is that the pancreases is dependent on the right alkaline diet. With this, it can produce the alkaline digestive enzymes and sodium bicarbonate. Pancreatic function helps in reducing excess acidity and regulating sugar balance. Subsequently a good alkaline diet equals to a good sugar balance.

Ever heard of Psoriasis? Well it is a chronic disorder where an immune system is threatened by healthy skin resulting to a reddish inflamed appearance. You can use alkaline water to cure this disease.

I can go on and on about the health benefits and the enormous capabilities of alkaline water because there are tonnes of them. However, I will keep it for another day but I believe this article has opened your eyes more.

I am in my wonderland thinking ‘Why have other people not yet made the switch? What are they waiting for?’

My recommendation will be for you to finish reading the last full stop of this article, then make you way to the supermarket or visit an online store and get yourself an affordable alkaline water filter that is best for you.

With great alkaline water filters, you have easy access to clean water. More importantly, you can enjoy the health benefits of alkaline water, for you and your family. Great alkaline water filters and easy access to clean water.

As I would say, an alkaline glass of water keeps the doctor away.