The Benefits of Alkaline Water

In an ideal world, people are supposed to have only 20% acidic foods, the rest should be made of more alkaline or neutral diets .Besides, getting enough fluids to help keep the water balance of our bodies is very important for life. Unfortunately, there is a setback, whereas there are many countries that have clean and safe tap water, a majority don’t and this is why we need to filter tap water. Surprisingly, United States of America falls in the former, furthermore, the country uses billions of money on bottled waters. This has given rise to more consumers investing in water purifiers. Interestingly, the latest machines trending are the water ionizers that pass electric current through tap water in order to turn it alkaline. My major campaign would be ‘Change your water, change your life’. Keeping ourselves Alkaline is the first line in keeping our bodies very safe. Alkaline water certainly does have numerous benefits, there are also scientific backing for these benefits based on the body being on the more acidic side. Having said that, what are the alkaline benefits to your body that I am talking about?

Alkaline Water is more Hydrating than conventional water.

Did you know that? I am pretty sure most of you did not .This is particularly in alkaline ionized water which is ultimately different from the conventional water. The water constitutes molecular hydrogen that enables water to be absorbed quickly and easily and as a result lower the chances of people being dehydrated which would normally leave the body cells weak and have a poor defence. Organs that are well hydrated normally don’t have to work too hard, you might as well make life easier for them by drinking lots of alkaline water. Moreover, good hydration helps offer you the benefit of anti-aging properties, this way you can age as a bottle of wine.

Cleaning Features

I can term alkaline water as more of a water detox because of its incredible role in cleaning organs especially the colon. When the ‘unclean’ build up in the colon it becomes poisonous and at times life threatening. The best part of using alkaline water is that it is very safe and easily removes all the faecal material. There might have been build up for weeks or even years, but with alkaline water there will be a long term efficient method of elimination. Importantly, this process is able to help prevent constipation and as such, a daily dose of alkaline water will go a long way in ensuring you are less prone to stomach illnesses. Many detox programs recommend purchasing an alkaline water filter which ensures water is safe and free from impurities or harmful minerals

Makes you look and feel young

Everyone wants good skin especially now that there are many individuals who suffer from skin problems and illnesses. Alkaline water is able to rejuvenate the skin and always keep it hydrated. With its help, the skin is able to replace tissues and have good elasticity. Moreover, it is able to detoxify the skin and as a result you get a smooth feel and zero breakouts, consequently, you will be able to flaunt a young look. Obesity is also a major problem in modern day America and the world in general, nonetheless, with the help of alkaline water we can help ourselves and other people eradicate this problem. This water helps in breaking down fats in foods and also a natural appetite suppressant. Fascinatingly, if you don’t want to drink the alkaline water you could use it when bathing or washing and cleaning you make up, this way you will absorb all the benefits directly into your body. Look no further because alkaline water is here to give you that stunning appearance that will leave people dumbfounded.

Helps the Joints and muscles

This is particularly important to people having joint problems such as arthritis or pains from trips or falls. Alkaline water helps in lubricating muscles and joints eventually preventing you from getting injuries. Taking pain killers and muscle inflammatory medication is what many people consider but what they fail to think about is the long term damage this medications will have, well, you have a natural solution now, get rid of all those medicines. For more satisfactory benefits, one should combine alkaline water with other guidance for good joints and muscles.

Reduces Yeast Infections

You have probably heard of many women complaining of Yeast infection and this is mainly because of the build-up of fungus and yeast in the digestive systems. It is worth noting that acid forming foods are a cause of yeast build up and for that reason, there is need to take in alkaline water to help in balancing the build-up of yeasts, subsequently preventing yeast and fungus infections. I believe it is not just about drinking alkaline water but also accompanying it with an alkaline diet.

Boosts our immunity

In my opinion, this is by far the most important benefit of alkaline water, our immunity is our life and it is boosted the moment we decide to keep our body more alkaline and successively neutralizing the radicals in our bodies that causes harmful effects. There is no specific scope of how many illnesses we can prevent from a simple, daily intake of alkaline water, from diabetes to cancer, the list is practically endless. If we want long term health then we should consider making alkaline water a part of our lives.

From the look of things the alkaline benefits to our body are plenty and far ranging. Seeing the many ways in which it can improve our health, no one should think twice in making the switch. Many celebrities are already advocating for alkaline water in many platforms and one can comprehend how much it has fascinated people from different walks of life. As I said, ‘change in water, change I life’.